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Combatting AI-Powered Fraud wtih AI-Powered Fraud Prevention
02 Jul 2024
| 2 min read

Pay-by-Bank: Anticipating the Next Wave of Innovations

Visa recently acquired the European pay-by-bank (also known as account...

18 Jun 2024
| 2 min read

Mobile Wallets: The Future of Small Business Payments in 2024

Digital payments have become a necessity for small businesses, and the...

28 May 2024
| 2 min read

Exploring Visa's Newest Digital Product Upgrades

At its annual Visa Payments Forum in San Francisco, Visa introduced se...

14 May 2024
| 2 min read

Understanding Enumeration Attacks and How to Prevent Them

Enumeration attacks are also known as brute force attacks. These attac...

01 May 2024
| 1 min read

How Amazon One's Pay with Palm Technology is Shaping the Checkout Experience

Amazon One is a new technology that scans a customer's palm to identif...

23 Apr 2024
| 1 min read

Banking in the Metaverse Part II

We previously wrote about banking in the Metaverse, which you can find...

16 Apr 2024
| 1 min read

Cardholder Data Moves to Subscription Management Solutions

Nearly everything we purchase seems to be moving to some type of subsc...

09 Apr 2024
| 1 min read

Combatting AI-Powered Fraud wtih AI-Powered Fraud Prevention

Financial institutions have long used AI to combat fraud. AI tools hav...

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