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08 Dec 2020
Fraud Prevention | 1 min read

Alkami Tech Expands Its Fraud Prevention Solutions

Alkami Technology, a cloud-based digital services firm that has long p...

13 Nov 2019

Fend Off Card Fraud

Carol Logan, our Director of Client Services, is featured in CU Manage...

12 Oct 2017
Fraud Fraud Prevention | 1 min read

Why Your Credit Unions Need Better Fraud Detection Services

  Credit card breaches, skimming devices and phishing emails are all t...

20 Sep 2017
Fraud Prevention | 3 min read

Online and mobile fraud is expected to climb: What credit unions can do

Advancements in the way people can make purchases has brought great co...

07 Mar 2017

EMV is reducing fraud, but there's more work to be done

It's no secret that the EMV transition was met with confusion and cons...

01 Mar 2017

Call center fraud is on the rise - here's how you can protect your credit union

Fraudsters are adaptable people. They're smart and aware of changing t...

16 Feb 2017
Fraud ATM Fraud Prevention | 3 min read

Cardless ATM withdrawals aren't immune to fraud

As financial technology evolves, it's important that credit unions kee...

10 Feb 2017

Credit unions must keep their security measures up to date

Hackers are a very real threat to any consumer. They have the knowledg...

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