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21 Feb 2023
P2P | 1 min read

The State of P2P Fraud Chargebacks

In a way, P2P payments have become a scammer's paradise. Once scammers...

10 Nov 2020
P2P | 2 min read

P2P App Vulnerabilities Continue To Put Consumers At Risk

P2P (person-to-person) payment apps allow consumers to send money dire...

11 Aug 2020
P2P | 1 min read

Real-Time Payments Coming To A Credit Union Near You

Credit unions can get left behind in the race to bring the most innova...

20 Nov 2019
P2P | 1 min read

FedNow — A Few Years Too Late

Large banks have offered real-time payments through P2P payment servic...

15 Nov 2017
P2P Transfer Funds | 2 min read

Transferring Funds Person 2 Person Without the Hassle

The number of Person 2 Person (P2P) users is expected to rise to about...

19 Jul 2016
Credit Unions P2P Payments | 3 min read

Members demand real-time peer-to-peer payments

Almost every adult has either lent or borrowed money from a friend or ...

31 May 2016
Mobile Wallet P2P | 3 min read

Attract new members with P2P payment wallet options

Digital wallets have been the talk of the payments industry for a whil...

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