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15 Sep 2020
FinTech | 1 min read

Credit Unions Utilize Fintechs To Accelerate Modernization

Credit unions have increasingly turned to fintechs for help in acceler...

08 Sep 2020
FinTech | 1 min read — The Newest Card Provider Targeting Millennials & Gen Z, a Philadelphia-based fintech, is the latest company to offer ...

07 Jan 2020
FinTech | 1 min read

More Evidence Fintechs Are Turning Into Banks

Wealthfront recently announced it would provide customers with the abi...

17 Dec 2019
FinTech | 1 min read

Credit Unions Are Beginning To Embrace Fintechs

Fintech growth in the banking industry has exploded in just a few shor...

03 Jul 2019
FinTech | 1 min read

What is Open Banking?

Intuit's Quicken, the popular personal financial software application,...

07 Mar 2017

EMV is reducing fraud, but there's more work to be done

It's no secret that the EMV transition was met with confusion and cons...

10 Feb 2017

Credit unions must keep their security measures up to date

Hackers are a very real threat to any consumer. They have the knowledg...

03 Jun 2016
FinTech Visa | 1 min read

The "Everywhere Initiative" encourages financial solutions from startups

Visa's Everywhere Initiative is aimed at finding innovative ideas, new...

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