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Cyndie Martini

22 Sep 2020
Card Payments | 1 min read

Card Spending Positively Impacts Labor Day

In PSCU's Tracking Transaction Trends report, ending for the week of S...

15 Sep 2020
FinTech | 1 min read

Credit Unions Utilize Fintechs To Accelerate Modernization

Credit unions have increasingly turned to fintechs for help in acceler...

08 Sep 2020
FinTech | 1 min read — The Newest Card Provider Targeting Millennials & Gen Z, a Philadelphia-based fintech, is the latest company to offer ...

01 Sep 2020
Card Not Present | 1 min read

Card Not Present — The New World Order

Contactless/cardless payments (card-not-present or CNP) continue to gr...

25 Aug 2020
Contactless | 1 min read

Card Spending Declines After Unemployment Benefits Run Out

Card spending growth saw a decline for the week ending August 4th, acc...

18 Aug 2020
Cybersecurity | 1 min read

Introduction To Visa's New Advanced Identity Score

In late June of this year, Visa announced a new tool called Advanced I...

11 Aug 2020
P2P | 1 min read

Real-Time Payments Coming To A Credit Union Near You

Credit unions can get left behind in the race to bring the most innova...

04 Aug 2020
Card Not Present | 1 min read

Card-Not-Present Use Hits 12th Week Above 30% Growth

Not surprisingly, card-not-present (CNP) use continues to see increase...

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