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Cyndie Martini

05 Sep 2023
| 1 min read

How Gen-Z Spending Will Influence the Payments Marketplace

According to Pew Research, Gen Z is anyone born between 1997-2012. Gen...

30 Aug 2023
Credit Unions | 1 min read

How Credit Unions Lead The Future of Banking

When consumers decide to support a brand or business, they will gravit...

29 Aug 2023
| 2 min read

MAP Network Exchange Launches in partnership with PULSE

Over the past several years, consumers have increasingly embraced e-co...

24 Aug 2023
| 3 min read

Why Credit Unions Are Poised for Greater Success

For years, the banking industry has been in flux. The last two decades...

22 Aug 2023
| 2 min read

Is Cash Still King in the Digital World?

With the move to digital banking and what seems more and more like a c...

15 Aug 2023
| 1 min read

As Central Bank Digital Currencies are Launched Privacy Concerns Arise

A survey from the Bank for International Settlements showed that 86% o...

08 Aug 2023
Chat Bots | 1 min read

ChatBots: The Good And The Bad

Chatbots can be both a blessing and a curse. They can help in assistin...

01 Aug 2023
| 3 min read

Celebrating 25 years of Service at MAP’s Annual User’s Conference

This August 16-17, MAP will hold its annual client conference, uConfer...

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