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Cyndie Martini

17 Sep 2019
Credit Union | 1 min read

CU Branches Decline While Increasing In Efficiency

Credit Union branches declined 3.4% from mid-2017 to mid-2018, losing ...

10 Sep 2019
mobile | 1 min read

Mobile Application Abandonment Rates Struggle To Improve

Signicat recently completed a study of European consumers and found th...

03 Sep 2019
Mortgage Rates | 1 min read

Low Mortgage Rates Don't Equal New Home Sales

Since peaking in October 2018, the 30-year bond has been on a slide. T...

27 Aug 2019
Fraud Detection | 1 min read

Visa's AI Fraud Detection Is a Step Above The Rest

Using AI for credit card fraud detection is nothing new. The majority ...

20 Aug 2019
Interest Rates | 1 min read

How Important Is The 2/10 Yield Curve Inversion?

The stock market took a dive on August 14th as the 2-Year and 10-Year ...

06 Aug 2019

The Main Differences Between Banks And Credit Unions

Banks and credit unions provide similar services to their customers, s...

30 Jul 2019
| 1 min read

Making Sense Of The Credit Score Jungle

Not so long ago, A FICO score was something simple. Over 700 and you h...

23 Jul 2019
| 1 min read

The Quick On Visa’s 8-Digit Bin Migration

What Is Visa's 8-Digit Bin Migration

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