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Cyndie Martini

04 Oct 2022
Credit Cards | 1 min read

Credit Card Spending Trends

Average credit card debt per person peaked in Q4 2019 at $3,700, accor...

27 Sep 2022
Fraud | 1 min read

Fraud Trends

Thieves keep getting more and more clever with their techniques of ext...

20 Sep 2022
| 1 min read

Cybersecurity Trends For Credit Unions

Cybersecurity criminals continue to find innovative ways to target fin...

13 Sep 2022
Credit Unions | 1 min read

FIs Migration to the Cloud/AI

Financial institutions have increased their tech capabilities drastica...

06 Sep 2022
Payments | 1 min read

B2B Payments: Are Checks Still in the Forefront for B2B Payments?

B2B (business-2-business) payments have been stuck using older methods...

30 Aug 2022
Buy Now Pay Later | 1 min read

Buy Now Pay Later Trends

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services are being provided by larger, more t...

23 Aug 2022
Mobile Banking | 1 min read

Mobile Banking Trends

Depending on the survey, mobile banking has overtaken online banking. ...

26 Jul 2022
Credit Unions | 1 min read

Benefits of Digital Member Service Solutions for Credit Unions

During the pandemic, credit unions and customers were forced to intera...

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