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Written by Cyndie Martini
on February 19, 2018

Summary: Your online banking solution needs to be accessible, immediate, and efficient for your customers. We'll explore key concepts that your online portal should contain in order to keep your credit union thriving and serving your customers' needs.

 Online banking is essential to the success of your credit union. Over 62 percent of people in the United States said digital banking is their preferred and primary method of banking. This is why it is vital to ensure your credit union is offering the online banking functionality your members are looking for and expect.


Member Access Pacific (MAP) offers an online banking solution that has three important components your members are looking for: a one-stop virtual branch, convenience, and security.


Virtual Branch

Your online banking portal should be an extension of the products and services you offer in your branches. Millennials rely heavily on digital banking so providing a robust online banking platform is a great way to capture this large demographic. In addition to traditional services like checking account balances and history, your members will also be able to make online bill payments, perform account transfers and much more.



Banking is a 24/7 activity. So convenience is key when offering a competitive online banking solution. With MAP’s mobile app, your members will be able to control their accounts anytime, anywhere from their smartphone. This app is easy to use and includes features like real-time visibility and control over accounts, location services as well as mobile payments. The mobile app complements your online banking portal and creates a stronger digital banking experience for your members.


The mobile app is hosted and managed by our trusted financial partner, VISA. When you choose MAP, we work with you to implement the app into your credit union’s product and service line to provide a smooth launch. The app can also be completely customized to match the look and feel of your credit union’s branding providing your members a seamless user experience.



Security is another important component your members will be looking for when it comes to online banking. MAP offers alerts to give your members peace of mind that their money is safe with their trusted financial partner. These notifications are completely customizable, so your members can choose the alerts that make sense for their lifestyle.


All of MAP’s online banking solutions are easy to integrate into your credit union’s digital solutions and will help save you time and money. By offering a product that is not only competitive with other financial institutions, you will also increase member loyalty by giving them a product they want and will use.


The popularity and usage of online banking is only going to increase so it is important to make sure your credit union is prepared to offer the right online banking solution. Make sure your credit union stands out from the competition and contact MAP today to learn more about our online banking services.


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