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Written by Cyndie Martini
on July 18, 2018

Fraud is one of the biggest threats to financial institutions. ATM fraud and theft has existed since the advent of the machine decades ago. Now instead of trying to steal the machine or even blow it up, criminals are becoming more advanced in their tactics. ATM jackpotting, skimmers, and other malware are just a few of the fraud strategies credit unions need to watch out for.

ATM Jackpotting

According to the Washington Post, ATM jackpotting recently made its way to the U.S. While this scheme has been used overseas, financial institutions are now just experiencing this fraud that “makes ATM spit out cash like slot machines.”

For jackpotting to take place, cybercriminals install malware on the machine that allows them to control how much money is dispensed and when. Even though these attacks are targeting the cash in the machine that is not to say other devices are not installed to collect the user’s information. Credit unions and other financial institutions can protect their ATM machines and member’s information by ensuring they are using the latest technology and investing in real-time ATM monitoring.


Unfortunately, card skimmers are becoming more prevalent and sophisticated in the U.S. Whether you are using an ATM or a pay at the pump at a gas station, it is important to be wary of skimming devices. Criminals are able to seamlessly integrate their devices with the machine making it extremely difficult for the consumer to detect.

As a financial institution, it is crucial to inspect your machines especially those in remote areas. Another tactic that can help your credit union reduce the risk of skimming is educating your members on what to look for. If they know the warning signs, like the artwork looking off or the card reader moves when they wiggle it, they can notify you and prevent themselves from falling victim.

Other Malware

Transaction reversal fraud is another type of malware criminals utilize. This makes it appear as though the machine did not dispense any cash. The user is re-credited the amount however the thief pockets the money. Either digitally or through a cash trapping – cash trapping is when a device is added to the machine to trap the cash physically, so the user thinks none was dispensed.

Are your credit union’s ATMs prepared for this new wave of fraud? Member Access Pacific (MAP) offers ATM services that use the latest in security, streamline your processes and are a cost-effective investment. Contact MAP today to learn more.

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