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Written by Cyndie Martini
on September 28, 2018

 ATM threats are continuously evolving, and so should your ATM security. If you have not assessed your current ATM security technology in a while, now may be the time. Learn what to look for when selecting a security partner.

Many companies offer ATM solutions for financial institutions, however not all ATM services are the same. Your ATMs are an extension of your credit union’s branches so it is essential to invest in a partner that will offer the security features to heighten your member’s experience. Here are areas to consider when it comes to the security of your ATM network.


Not all ATMs are created equal. Evaluating the technology of an ATM service provider is an essential step in the vetting process. Some machines may have obsolete software while others offer innovation that will keep your members coming back.

Member Access Processing (MAP) offers innovative ATM services that will benefit not only your credit union but also your members. Our ATM Campaign Management Suite allows you to strengthen member relationships through customizing the ATM experience through marketing tactics. With this tool, you can implement receipt text and on-screen messages to alert users to relevant cross-sell opportunities. 

In addition to marketing, security is another technological area that needs to be evaluated. ATM fraud is about ten times more rewarding for criminals than a traditional branch robbery. Instead of escaping with roughly $3,000, ATM criminals can make over $30,000 on average before being caught.

Real-time monitoring capabilities and a multi-level security process can help reduce the risk of your ATMs falling subject to fraud. Cash management features help eliminate risk by giving a complete picture of the cash in each machine. This feature can help credit unions predict outages and analyze ATM profitability.

Customer Support & Reliability

Another factor to consider when selecting an ATM partner is the customer support available. Whether you have a question about security or experience technical difficulties, you will want to choose a provider that is available 24/7. This will help cut downtime, and the inconveniences outages can cause your membership. 

Some ATM providers offer a set it and forget it mentality after the program is up and running. However, continued support will be an important aspect of your ATM services. As your membership’s needs evolve so should your relationship with your provider. 

Are you looking to strengthen the ROI your ATM services are providing your credit union? Or maybe you want to learn more about the latest fraud protection technology? Contact MAP today.

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