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Karl Kaluza

20 Feb 2024
| 1 min read

Breaking Down Visa's Crypto Withdrawal Services

It's easy to buy cryptocurrencies, but when it comes time to convert y...

13 Feb 2024
| 2 min read

The Time Has Come to Ditch Passwords Altogether

Passwords, which are often tied to a username, create a high-friction ...

06 Feb 2024
| 1 min read

Changes to the CFPB's Overdraft Rule Mean Different Things for FIs and Consumers

The CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) is proposing a change ...

30 Jan 2024
| 1 min read

The Top Reasons Why You Should Use a Debit Card

Before we get into the reasons to use a debit card instead of a credit...

23 Jan 2024
| 1 min read

How Credit Unions can Stop Deposit Fraud Faster

Deposit Fraud takes a few forms and is yet another method fraudsters u...

17 Jan 2024
| 1 min read

Call Centers are Targets for Account-Takeover Fraud

Call center takeover account (ATO) fraud occurs when someone contacts ...

09 Jan 2024
| 1 min read

What do Inflation and Interest Rates look like in 2024

Economists are expecting a slowdown in the first half of the year. Thi...

02 Jan 2024
| 2 min read

New Services have been Launched to Stop Tokenization Fraud

Tokenization replaces a cardholder's PAN (primary account number) with...

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