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Written by Cyndie Martini
on July 26, 2022

During the pandemic, credit unions and customers were forced to interact virtually as many branches shut down or were limited in their services. As the pandemic went on, interacting virtually became the new normal. Credit unions adapted by providing various member service solutions to their customers.

Member service solutions (MSS) offer a platform for virtual interactions. These solutions start over the phone or online at a credit union's website. A customer might click a chat button on the credit union's website using MSS. From there, an AI bot can assist. If the bot cannot help, it passes the gathered information on to a live person. The person can help the customer through chat, a video call session, and co-browsing.

The MSS platform integrates with the representative's CRM and phone system on the backend. The integration means less back and forth between different systems.

Implementing virtual services has always been a technical challenge. MSS gets around this because it is an outsourced service. The credit union doesn't need to be concerned with creating AI bots, chatrooms, or video integrations. It's about as close to plug and play as you can get for a complex system. Many MSS platform providers also offer help getting the system up and running.

MAP in partnership with Glia offers one such system. The MSS platform includes the following features:

  • Call Visualizer
  • AI Management
  • Bot to Bot Transfer
  • Bot Cobrowsing
  • AI Custom UI Commands
  • and more

An MSS platform increases the efficiency of a credit union's team through the first point of contact information gathering. When a customer clicks to chat with a rep, an AI bot gathers customer information and a description of the customer's need. The bot will try to provide solutions. A live person isn't needed if the bot successfully fulfills the customer's need. If the bot cannot solve the customer's problem, it will then pass all of the information it has gathered to that point on to a live representative.

MSS platforms are a cost-effective way to increase team efficiency and customer satisfaction.


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