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Written by Cyndie Martini
on October 22, 2019

Walking into a credit union can be a gamble when it comes to time. After waiting in line, if your teller  doesn't have the skillset to handle your request, you'll need to wait even longer to see the right representative. For members, it's certainly not an efficient in-lobby experience.

Certain credit unions are looking to change the in-lobby experience by offering online scheduling. Members schedule a lobby appointment at a website provided by the credit union. Depending on what the member's needs, they will be paired up with a  representative who has the right skills to help them. Scheduling saves members time since they can continue working at their office or home and later arrive at the credit union for their scheduled appointment.

Depending on the scheduling system, it will display expected wait times for various transactions. The system knows how long certain transactions will take based on historical transaction times. To ensure the right rep is available, the scheduling system will block out a rep for each of their appointments.  If reps possess certain skills such as bilingual, the system will display that information as well.

"Members can visit our website to book an appointment time that is convenient for them at the branch of their choice as well as check anticipated wait times before visiting a branch. Members can book appointments based on a product or service need. Additionally, members may also choose a specific member service representative to meet with," said Julie Moran, SVP of Member Services, Digital FCU, in an interview with

Educating members will be necessary to ensure the technology's adoption. For members standing in line, letting them know that online scheduling is available is a great way to spread the word.  While the current pool of credit unions offering online scheduling is very small, expect this service to expand as credit unions see benefits in customer satisfaction.

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