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Written by Cyndie Martini
on May 24, 2022

Cyber security and ransomware go hand in hand in running a reliable business. Firms shouldn't wonder if they are going to be attacked by ransomware but instead when. The complex combination of people and networks within a firm makes many companies vulnerable to ransomware attacks.

Administrators can certainly harden networks against attacks. But when so many people interact with the network, it can make it difficult to cover all of the potential holes. It isn't just users that can be a problem. The network administration staff can also be a weak link in the chain.

Starting with users, they don't always follow security rules. Users choose weak passwords. They give their passwords to a co-worker out of convenience. They pen email attachments. The list goes on and on. However, the solution isn't to harden the network so much that it's almost impossible to use. It's a balancing act between users following the rules and enough network security restrictions that the network is still practical to use in a work environment.

Network admins can also fall short. Some areas include not patching security vulnerabilities immediately after a new software update comes out. Or worse, not even knowing that the update is available. There's lots of software running on modern networks, requiring constant updates.

Unfortunately, many companies haven't even reached the level of adhering to good security rules and up-to-date networks. These companies might as well put a sign out that invites ransomware attacks. Such attacks can cripple a company.

If you are in the mindset of thinking that your company will eventually be attacked by ransomware, it isn't something that you should fear. An attack doesn't have to mean that it will bring your company down. By following good cybersecurity practices and always being prepared, your firm can come away unscathed by ransomware attacks.


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