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Written by Cyndie Martini
on November 08, 2022

The ability to issue a new debit or credit card on the spot is clearly a competitive advantage. These cards are printed in the branch at the customer's request. Customers can select their PIN, choose a background (where applicable), and walk out with a functional card. This service presents a valuable offering for customers who can't wait for a card to arrive in the mail.

While the machine to print cards on location may be quite costly, they can also be leased, resulting in significant savings. Because such arrangements often include technical support, the credit union doesn't have to worry about training staff on how to fix the machine. Knowledge about its use is all that's required.

Some third-party card printing services allow customers to print cards without needing assistance. This is done through a self-service kiosk.

With an EMV chip built-in, Instant issuance cards are secure and reliable. Instant issuance cards also offer flexibility. Credit unions have the option to customize their cards with different backgrounds or simply use white.

As with any card issued by a credit union, instant issuance cards will integrate with the credit union's mobile app. This allows customers to disable the card if it's stolen. They can also view statements and recent transactions and make payments through the app.

Central issuance is another option that some card printing services offer. It allows a credit union to print a high volume of cards from a central location. Depending on the card issuance service, it may be able to process mailings. This can greatly reduce the labor involved with individual card printing and mailing.

As many services have migrated to the cloud, this is no different for card printing services. These software-as-a-service providers put all of the card processing in the cloud. The only thing a credit union has to invest in is a card printer.

Instant card printing services offer many advantages, including cost savings, rapid deployment, and minimal staff training.


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