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Written by Cyndie Martini
on August 23, 2022

Depending on the survey, mobile banking has overtaken online banking. At the least, mobile banking is nipping at the heels of online banking. These surveys show that there is definitely a turn in customer behavior on the horizon.

A recent survey from Phoenix Synergistics found that 35% of customers bank from their mobile phone, while 24% use online banking (i.e., desktop or laptop). Mobile banking has increased from only 22% in 2021. The survey also found that just 13% of customers prefer to use a branch.

Age matters when it comes to a customer’s preferred banking channel. Mobile banking is most popular with younger customers and steadily declines with age. It is just the opposite for online banking:

Mobile banking total: 35%

18-34 44%

35-49 38%

50-64 29%

65+ 12%

Online banking via computer: 24%

18-34 13%

35-49 20%

50-64 31%

65+ 47%

BAI’s (Bank Administration Institute) 2022 outlook found that 37% of Gen Z prefers to open a deposit account via mobile. Only 12% of this group prefer to use a branch for the same task. On the flip side, 12% of baby boomers preferred to open deposit accounts via mobile, while 58% opted for a branch.

“The next step is to create almost a branch-at-home experience, where consumers can see their representative and talk to him or her,” said Bill McCracken, president of Phoenix Synergistics. “Why do people need to take that ten-minute drive to the branch to resolve a problem or to ask about a product?”

This shift to mobile doesn’t mean the branch or in-person experience is going anywhere. There is still a healthy demand for a human assistant when it comes to money management, such as budgets, investments, and savings. Complex financial decisions such as mortgages and starting a business often require in-person assistance as well.

But even many of those tasks can be accomplished with a video assistant, accessed through a customer’s mobile device.


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