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Written by Cyndie Martini
on October 23, 2017



Credit unions thrive on the cooperative spirit and living out the philosophy of “people helping people.” This is why credit unions are known for providing exceptional service and going above and beyond for members. At the foundation of that exceptional service, is the ability to provide equally exceptional products and services. At the crux of that is network gateway services to keep your money accessible to you and your business wherever you are.


In today’s fast-paced environment, members want access to their money when they need it – regardless of time or place. Network gateway services allow credit union members to access money around the world with its Visa/Plus ATM network of more than 855,000 machines. Not only do network gateway services provide members the opportunity to withdraw funds, check balances and take out cash advances, it gives them peace of mind knowing their local credit union is traveling with them.


Network gateway services connect your credit union’s cardholders to all the key regional and national ATM and point of sale (POS) networks. The network acts as a hub for POS ATMs and terminals. Credit unions that partner with Member Access Pacific (MAP) are able to connect through a secure application program interface (API). This connection allows MAP partners to manage one connection for all transactions.


When a credit union uses MAP, a partnership is created with the number one priority of exceeding expectations as well as saving the credit union time and money. This is accomplished through the network gateway services’ capability of consolidating all card-based authorizations into one, easy to manage daily settlement. MAP also manages all external networks. At MAP, we understand your time is valuable and should not be wasted on tasks such as tracking system upgrades.


Other benefits of a partnership with MAP include:

- Access to MAP’s network gateway services experts
- Streamlined operations
- Simplified settlement and reporting
- Integrated network strategy
- Cost-effective solutions


The credit unions that partner with MAP, see an average 19.1 transactions for each cardholder every month compared to the credit union national average of 12. Strengthen your credit union’s portfolio by contacting MAP and bring the convenience of nationwide ATMs and POS networks to your membership.

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