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Written by Cyndie Martini
on November 01, 2017


loyalty rewards program

The credit and debit card industry is a highly competitive, saturated market. A loyalty rewards program is a way to ensure your credit union stands out from other financial institutions and offers a product that your members are actively seeking.

In fact, 90 percent of consumers in the United States participate in at least one loyalty rewards program, and 75 percent of cardholders would like to receive the opportunity from their financial.


Member Access Pacific (MAP) offers a loyalty rewards program that is entirely customizable and increases the profitability of your card portfolio.


Your members will receive points for every purchase they make with MAP’s Augeo Dream Points. These points are redeemable for different items such as gift cards, merchandise, and travel. MAP and Augeo will work with you to create a social and measurable experience utilizing the latest technology.


Along with Augeo Dream Points, MAP also offers Breakaway Loyalty. This tool allows you to design and manage card promotions for your credit union. It has the capability to use the segmentation of your portfolio to target to a specific audience which will increase your program’s performance. By targeting your promotions and communications, your credit union will strengthen the understanding of your card program to your membership.


With Breakaway Loyalty, members will be able to view and redeem their points online through its user-friendly website. Creating this transparent experience for your members and offering rewards for purchases, encourages spending and will increase your credit union’s card portfolio.


Implementing a loyalty program through MAP is a simple process because we do all the legwork for you. Our program is turn-key and ready to use. Visa Merchant Offers saves you time and money because we have over 100 negotiated offers prepared for your cardholders and available free of charge exclusively by Visa. This means marketing campaigns including merchant offers, images, and copy are accessible for you to use for online, print, mobile and email communications.


Visa Merchant Offers not only provides premade materials, but it also offers free customizable marketing materials for communicating and cross-selling to your membership.


The purchasing power of millennials is increasing, and 92 percent say they use coupons -- either print or digital. Credit unions are able to harness this purchasing power by offering targeted promotions and building relationships through loyalty rewards programs. Bring loyalty rewards to your credit union’s card program by contacting MAP today and watch your member engagement grow.

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